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[KULA] Kirtan with Dan Gronan

Our May KULA is going to take on a different vibe to our previous Sunday sessions. As requested, we are really happy to be hosting Dan Gronan, Yoga Teacher and Kirtan leader from Glasgow. This KULA will take place on a Friday eve, and there will be no asana practice before. Just straight up Kirtan :)

In Dan's words, ‘Mantra is one of the most powerful - and most commonly used techniques employed by ancient wisdom traditions to free the mind. That’s literally what it means! ‘’Man’’ refers to the mind, and ‘’tra’’ means to free. Mantra music meditation (Known as Kirtan) is a very simple and effective approach to finding clarity out of the chaos of the mind, uplifting and reconnecting you to your natural state of peace!’

Meet Dan:

Prince’s Trust award winner, Dan Gronan praises Yoga, Music, and Community for saving his life! Now he combines these three passions as the pillars of his life and offering to the world. As an inspired, and dedicated student of Yoga, Dan is devoted to delivering the essence of classical Yoga informed by a timeless tradition, as well as evidence-based, therapeutic practices into a diverse and ever-changing population.

Through his training and work sharing therapeutic yoga with additional-needs children and adults, as well as people in the recovery community, Dan feels that Yoga can and must be available for all people.

Dan shares his love for the Bhakti Yoga tradition of India’s Vedic Wisdom culture by weaving Sanskrit Mantra and Story together in accessible ways. He founded ‘’The Mantra Movement Project’’ with a vision to uplift, empower and form community through Mindful Movement and Mantra Meditation Music.

After struggling with his mental health for many years in silence, feeling paralyzed by stigma, Dan felt an urgency to support his fellow men who struggle in plain sight by starting up a monthly safe space for men. ‘’Men of Hope’’ is a donation based Yoga/Meditation, a peer support group aimed at giving men a place to find support and learn a toolbox of techniques for self-soothing under stress. All Proceeds go to Brothers In Arms (Scotland's male mental health and suicide prevention charity)

As a signatory of Scotland’s Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity and Sport (SAMH), Daniel is committed to championing values of equality and creating a safe and supportive environment for all students.

Check Dan’s Story out HERE

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