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The Mudra Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training course was created in 2016 out of love, passion & deep respect for the history & philosophy of the practice. . We created our dream 200 hour including all of the aspects of the practice we are passionate about. We aim to run this course annually. 

The course is for students that want to transition into skilful, embodied, and safe teachers and also those who have no intention of teaching but wish to delve deeper into the practice and themselves.

We are so proud of our recent graduates and it’s also really special to see the bond between them and the support they provide to each other. We believe strongly in community and that extends far beyond the 200 hour course.  

Our 2020 dates are live and we are now accepting applications. Please fill out our interest form HERE so we can send you our Information PDF or you can apply HERE. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Much love, Helen & Demelza

Through the Mudra YTT Demelza and Helen create an environment that makes you feel like you’re coming home. Their openness, honesty, and genuine desire to teach is contagious. There is nothing flashy about their yoga, they’re not trying to sell you anything, they’re simply asking you to explore your experience through movement and contemplation. Their teachings come from a space of knowledge and understanding. Every posture, sequence, and teaching in the training has it’s place and purpose that they’ve thoroughly thought through. But, in my opinion, the most amazing thing about the training is the community and relationships that Helen and Demelza foster. They realise that yoga builds a deep connections not only with ourselves as individuals, but also with those with whom we share the practice. I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to practice and learn from such wonderful teachers, who very quickly became heartfelt friends!
— Vasiliy, Mudra 200 hour Graduate, 2017
Taking part in the Mudra YTT has completely changed my life. From my own outlook, and ability to deal with what life throws at me, to my career path, it has been a big year of change for me. You couldn’t ask for 2 more inspiring and supportive teachers than Helen & Demelza. They have brought so much to the Edinburgh Yoga community and have offered something quite unique in the form of their teacher training. I feel incredibly lucky and my life has been enriched having been part of their Teacher training, out of which I have made life long friends and become part of an incredibly strong community here in Edinburgh.
— Katie, Mudra 200 hour Graduate, 2017
My 200 hour teacher training with MUDRA was outstanding, beyond what I had hoped. A wide range of subjects were covered, and in more depth than I could have thought possibly in 200 hours! Being quite an anxious person and having not studied since school I was quite nervous going into the training however as soon as I was in the room I felt at ease, Demelza and Helen created and held a welcoming space and a wonderful community. Since finishing the training I teach weekly and I felt extremely prepared and confident - I can’t recommend them more!
— Abi, Mudra 200 hour Graduate, 2017
The MUDRA YTT 2017 was five months of intense mind and body training. Working with other yogis all on the same journey, sharing struggles and successes created a special bond. I recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their own practice & to grow mentally and physically stronger - whether or not they intend to actually teach - which I didn’t. Don’t let fears about being too old or inflexible or not “good enough” at yoga put you off. If you have the commitment and desire to learn and grow you will get a great deal out of this training. Helen and Demelza are kind, honest and inspiring teachers who are able to help you hold yourself accountable and go further than you might have thought possible.
— Bela, Mudra 200 hour Graduate, 2017
I have much admiration for Mudra in the way they delivered their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. The training we undertook was of an exceptional quality and the comprehensive programme allowed each individual yoga teacher to grow to their full potential. It was through all aspects of the training that my confidence in my abilities grew, which allowed me to be fully prepared for the pathway into the profession. The varied and vital modules that were delivered and the attention that was given to each student, made sure we all had a well rounded, unique and inspiring training. I very much appreciate the great amount of knowledge and experience passed on from my teachers, the way they used their individual skills and understanding of the study of yoga to give us key information that allowed us to follow our own yogic paths and interests, however making sure we all held the crucial knowledge to have a strong base for wherever we wished to progress in our teaching.
Alongside the enthusiasm I held for the components of the training that were offered, was the desire of building a community, which was a strong reason I chose Mudra for my teacher training. This ensured that throughout the training and into the profession I have had and will have an inspiring, supportive and passionate team around me for any struggles, questions and achievements I will encounter in my developments.
Helen and Demelza are both fantastic and unique teachers, complementing each other extremely well. Together they deliver a distinctive training programme that offers the individual strengths and skills from two experienced and inspirational teachers. They are always encouraging, always dedicated and gave their full hearts to this YTT.
— Tess, Mudra 200 hour Graduate, 2017